About Us

GlobalVetLINK is dedicated to providing animal health practitioners a “best practices” solution to quickly and accurately create digital professional health documents. Our services embrace both companion and food animal species in order to address each veterinarian’s specialty.About Us

Our companion animal solutions offer a range of certification products for both small animal and equine practitioners. Our software solutions provide equine animal practitioners the ability to create professional health records online for their clients quickly and accurately by offering instant diagnostic laboratory submission and test results for Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA)/Coggins health certification.

GlobalVetLINK also provides a complete herd health management solution for the food animal veterinary practice by offering web-based traceability software that enables self-regulation of antibiotics, feed additives and nutrients/supplements to improve overall efficiency, product differentiation and food safety.

GlobalVetLINK is committed to continuously improving our products and services by providing customers a portal to access our services directly through their practice management software.