Beat the International Health Certificate Blues with a Comforting Cookbook

What’s Inside the Cookbook


  • The Spanish Spritzer
  • Great, They’re Going to Greece
  • The Slovakian Slammer
  • Poland Painkiller
  • Romanian Reality Check

Comfort Food

  • Irish Nachos
  • Parisian Crock Pot Mac & Cheese
  • Swiss Fondue
  • Portuguese Tapas
  • Bulgarian Breakfast Casserole

Avoiding the Blues

  • Delicious 5-Minute Fixes
  • Amazing Automated Accuracy
  • Savory Service Driver
Listen to the Health Certificate Blues from @VetTechKelsey
We know that preparing health certificates isn’t the most exciting time of your day (or night). We’ve teamed up with @VetTechKelsey to bring some humor to your day.

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