Other Industry Partners

GlobalVetLINK (GVL®) partners with industry-leading companies to help veterinarians, producers, feed distributors and other professionals use standard best practices to increase efficiency and improve work flow.

Swine Vet Center, P.A. is a veterinary consulting firm dedicated exclusively to serving the pork industry. Since being established in 1990, the practice has grown dramatically, increasing from three to thirteen veterinary consultants working with pork production in many capacities. Its veterinary staff has over 80 years of combined practice experience, consulting in more than 33 states and 32 countries, and working closely with swine producers to improve production and herd health while maintaining profitability.


GlobalVetLINK and Swine Vet Center, P.A., are working together to manage herd health. The industry-leading swine veterinary consultants manage Veterinary Feed Directives (VFDs), Certificates of Veterinary Inspection (CVIs), diagnostic results and history, as well as veterinary prescriptions, through GVL’s web-based solutions. Dr. Paul Yeske, Swine Veterinary Herd Health Consultant at Swine Vet Center, said he expects to simplify many of their processes with GVL’s servicesLearn more about the GVL and Swine Vet Center herd health partnership.

Kent Nutrition Group (KNG) delivers the highest quality animal nutrition based on a long-standing tradition of progressive innovation and dedication to livestock, equine and pet owners. KNG is a division of Kent Corporation, a family-owned, American company founded in 1927. KNG was formed to bring out the best in two highly successful regional feed brands — Kent in the Midwest and Blue Seal in the East. The Kent and Blue Seal brands are dedicated to providing quality animal nutrition that you can trust — guaranteed.

“Being able to manage and archive all VFD documents is critical for Hubbard Feeds and the feed dealers we work with to efficiently fulfill orders and communicate with customers,” stated Lori Stevermer, Marketing Specialist, U.S. Feed Operations, Ridley, Inc. “We are working closely with the staff at GlobalVetLINK to make our dealers aware of the advantages of using FeedLINK for VFDs which will allow them to conveniently and efficiently handle the VFD changes coming on January 1st.”

If you’re interested in working with GlobalVetLINK, please contact us or call us at 515-817-5703.