Leading Technology Solutions for Animal Health

In an industry which is constantly refining processes for the benefit of animal health and wellness, GlobalVetLINK (GVL®) strives to provide a wide range of solutions that address needs in the market. GVL has developed a framework for systems which provide a tool to help veterinarians and producers with changes in Veterinary Feed Directives (VFDs) and Electronic Veterinary Prescriptions (eVRx).

GVL® SmartEngine™ Technology, available only in GlobalVetLINK systems, is what makes GVL’s digital animal health solutions truly different from paper forms, fillable PDFs and other electronic certificate products. The unique technology helps users select or input correct information when creating VFDs and other animal health documents, then verifies the final VFD or certificate for accuracy, completeness and compliance. Ultimately, SmartEngine technology reduces inaccuracies and saves time spent reviewing documents and following up with compliance issues , improving efficiency and easing the minds of all parties.

At GlobalVetLINK, we believe in operating with core values that set a high precedence for our team. We strive to develop a culture at GVL that is focused on connecting with the industry through leading technology solutions by being accountable, dedicated, inspired, respectful, and spirited.

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