Cargill Net Earnings Plunge

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Cargill, the largest privately held company in America, reported its profit fell 26% this past quarter. The fall in profits is said to be caused by the prospect of a massive harvest lowering crop prices. What is probably most surprising about this profit decrease is that the cause is not due to the porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDv), which has killed approximately 8 million pigs throughout the U.S. Cargill is the fourth-largest pork producer, and they attributed their success throughout this PEDv crisis to hog producers increasing the weight of their animals. While Cargill has been lucky beating the effects of PEDv, many companies have not had such success. Luckily, the LabLINK HIMS solution provided by GlobalVetLINK, is able to help manage this disease, and thus can help prevent future profit loss. The LabLINK HIMS solution allows real-time results that can detect epidemics faster, which will allow action to be taken sooner to prevent the spread of disease, and more time to develop a treatment plan. To learn more about the LabLINK HIMS system, and its addition to the GlobalVetLINK solution, contact Account Manager, Holly Schuler at (515)817-5052, or