eCVIs Increase ADT Compliance

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Ames, IA – March 1st, 2013 — Many practices today have implemented GlobalVetLINK’s (GVL®) electronic system for creating Certificates of Veterinary Inspection (CVIs), to increase efficiency and minimize the burden of paperwork on office staff. These practices are a step ahead when it comes to complying with the new Animal Disease Traceability (ADT) ruling, more specifically, amendment § 86.5(b) that states:

“…the ICVI or other document accompanying the covered livestock must be forwarded by the person issuing it to the State or Tribal animal health official in State or Tribe of origin within 7 calendar days from the date of issuance and that that official must then forward it to the State or Tribe of destination within 7 calendar days of having received it.â€

GlobalVetLINK, the nation’s leader in electronic animal health documentation, offers HealthLINK, a system that generates official eCVIs using a secure, online system approved to move animals into all 50 states and 3 US territories, on a standardized certificate.

With the ADT ruling, HealthLINK minimizes the burden of paperwork so that veterinarians can do what they do best. GVL eCVIs are electronically available in real-time, to state animal health authorities of both the state of origin and destination, resulting in automatic compliance to the 7 day requirement. Not only do animal health authorities receive certificates in real-time, the option to make them available through, a secure online site to the animal owner, is also possible. This real-time availability drastically improves the speed of animal trace-back and certificate distribution.

In addition to the automatic distribution of eCVIs to state animal health officials, the database nature of GlobalVetLINK’s system allows for online certificate storage and easy certificate retrieval to comply with the document retention requirement of ADT:
“…we are adding a new 86.5(b)(2) to this final rule stating that an animal health official or accredited veterinarian who issues or receives an ICVI or other interstate movement document in accordance with the paragraph above must retain a copy of the ICVI or other document. The timeframes are the same as those for approved livestock facilities: Such documents must be retained for 2 years for poultry and swine and 5 years for cattle and bison, equines, cervids, and sheep and goats…..â€

The ADT ruling takes effect March 11, 2013. The rule can be found in its entirety at the following link:

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