GVL Employee Spotlight: Kevin Packer

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As part of the GVL blog, we’re featuring our employees so you can get an inside view into what keeps GVL running. We are very proud of our team and excited to share some of our employee profiles with you.

Today we’re featuring GVL Territory Manager Kevin Packer.

Kevin has been a member of the GVL sales team for two years and brings 15 years of experience in animal health sales to his role. As one of the sales territory managers for the U.S., Kevin helps veterinarians and animal health professionals get started with the GVL platform. 

Get to know Kevin better:

“Since Graduating with a BS in animal science, I have worked in the horse industry as a trainer of dressage and driving horses, and always worked closely with veterinarians. It seemed natural to move from being a professional FEI horse trainer to working with veterinarians in the field of sales. I have been in veterinary sales for manufacturers and distribution since 2005. My past experience spans across learning and performing the duties of a digital imaging consultant, equine nutritionist, distribution territory manager, as well as working for a manufacturer in equine and canine plasma products.

My work in sales has helped me grow professionally and personally, as I have always become better educated by my study of products and learning how they benefit my clients, as well as learning from my clients on a daily basis about veterinary medicine. The greatest reward in my daily routine is knowing I am able to make a difference for my customers, by helping them to optimize how they service their clients. I always approach my job as looking for a way to help customers, learn their problems and successes in a way that I better understand their day-to-day challenges. The daily interaction and assistance I can provide to clients is what motivates me to do a better job day after day.

The greatest thing about being a part of the GVL team is that we all strive in our own way to work towards the clients needs, day in and day out. Our company is very much a team and family environment and it shows in the way we interact with our customers and each other. This is an exciting time to be a part of GVL and watch as we all work together to grow as a company by bringing new products and offerings to benefit our existing and new clients.

Away from work I still enjoy riding and working with horses when I can. I live in the country outside Weatherford, Texas with my two dogs. My hobbies are widespread since I am always looking for new things to try, but I mostly enjoy shooting sports, biking and spending time with friends. I also enjoy having the ability to watch and listen to live music near Fort Worth.”

From GVL National Sales Manager Ron Lane: 

“Kevin is a high impact sales professional that has made a positive contribution since his first day on the job. He has extensive industry experience across all segments of the veterinary industry and a deep understanding of how GVL solutions can assist practices with regulatory compliance. He has an outstanding work ethic and a customer first focus.”

From GVL Chief Revenue Officer Brett Keirstead:

“It is so critical in a professional sales organization to have an experienced leader and Kevin exemplifies that. He consistently brings new customers to GVL each and every month. In addition, he is always willing to work across departments to share customer feedback and coach newer folks on best practices. He has transitioned effectively as we have expanded his territory and area of responsibility, and a result GVL continues to set revenue and new client records. We sincerely appreciate Kevin and all he brings to GVL!”

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