GVL Small Animal Industry Expert Brenda Flaming, DVM

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The GVL® Expert Council was created to better understand our customers’ needs by providing industry knowledge and expertise for product development. We are featuring our Expert Council members on our blog so you can learn more about their fields of research and the experience they bring to GVL.

Brenda Flaming, DVM, graduated from Kansas State University, College of Veterinary Medicine in 1988. She is a small animal veterinarian and has been practicing veterinary medicine for over 30 years. Dr. Flaming owned a small animal practice in Des Moines, Iowa for 14 years, and the practice was accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). She is presently practicing in an AAHA accredited, four-doctor practice in Ames, Iowa.

An active member in her statewide animal health communities, she served as an executive board member for the Iowa Veterinary Medical Association for five years. She was also part of the Legislative Committee and Budget Committee for several years during her tenure.

She has also served in various roles in local and regional veterinary associations. She is a member of American Veterinary Medical Association, and the IVMA.

Outside her lab coat, Dr. Flaming walks her dogs, reads, and takes care of her houseplants, each day, in that order.

We thank Dr. Flaming for her awesome work and expertise on the GVL Expert Council. 

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