#RealPigFarming Changes View

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On January 15, the Des Moines Social Media Club hosted a presentation made by the National Pork Board discussing the great success of #RealPigFarming social media campaign. Throughout the past year this social media movement has changed the view of modern pig farming by bringing pig farmers and consumers together to share the real stories behind the pork industry. “Pig farmers are proud of what they do, and this gives them a chance to leverage social media in a positive way for pig farmers,” said Claire Masker, Public Relations Manager at the National Pork Board.Through the power of images, videos and posts, pork producers have multiple ways to share using social media. By posting these mediums with #RealPigFarming, producers and agriculture students are actively educating the general population about pig production in the US. The National Pork Board produced a video to highlight the powerful campaign and illustrate how it will attract focus of the general public to the pork industry. Producers take pride in what they do, and this movement has created a way to use social media to for educating consumers about the pig farming industry. This social media effort emphasizes the farm-to-table approach of pork production and the positive story within the pork industry. Some of the production features will include images of the families working to raise pigs and pork recipes that will help consumers be confident in feeding their families this staple protein.

If you have a passion for agriculture or a story that you would like to share, join in with the conversation by using #RealPigFarming on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, blogs and other social media updates. We are very excited about how this movement is illustrating successful pig farming, and we want to congratulate the National Pork Board in what they have done to present the true operations of the pork industry.