Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) Resources

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We’re sharing some of the VFD resources that we have available for anyone to learn more about the regulations and how to simplify VFD management.

Recent VFD Webinar

Veterinary Feed Directive Refresh

Watch this webinar to learn about:


  • Background and overview of Veterinary Feed Directives from the viewpoint of veterinarians and feed distributors
  • Veterinary Feed Directive process, from understanding regulations to issuing and maintaining VFD records
  • Answers to common questions related to issuing, managing, and maintaining Veterinary Feed Directives

GlobalVetLink Webinars

At GVL, we strive to provide education and awareness to the industry on relevant topics – from new regulations affecting animal health to solutions for helping ease interstate movement of animals. We facilitate webinars with thought leaders from the industry, often providing AAVSB RACE continuing education to help veterinarians and their staff meet their needs.

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VFD Help Center

Explore the GVL’s help center for informational articles, useful resources and Frequently Asked Questions about VFDs. If you don’t find what you need, you can also chat with our customer success team through the help center.

GVL Digital VFD System

GVL is the industry leader in complete and accurate digital VFDs. With a trusted and proven VFD solution, the GVL platform simplifies VFD management for veterinarians, feed distributors and clients.