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GVL allows veterinarians to get your movement documents, test certificates and results to you faster than ever.

The GVL platform keeps animal owners and livestock producers connected to their veterinarians and animal health records to improve animal wellness and safety, assist in veterinarian communication and ease travel with and transportation of animals.


With GVL’s MyVetLink account and app, never lose your animal records or certificates again. See how easy it is to view and download GVL digital health certificates, EIA Coggins tests, veterinary prescriptions and more online animal health records.

Digital Animal Health Records

New MyVetLink App

Not only do you have 24-7 access to your animal records, but now you can request service from your veterinarian with the MyVetLink app. Plus, traveling with your animals is easier than ever with your digital movement documents right at your fingertips.

New Extended Equine Certificates of Veterinary Inspection (EECVI)

EECVI provides an easy-to-use solution for frequent horse travelers to keep moving and stay compliant with state movement regulations.

APHIS 7001 Forms

Due to the spread of infectious diseases like heartworm and influenza, many states have increased their requirements and no longer accept the APHIS 7001 form for state-to-state travel. Many state animal health officials recommend GVL digital CVIs in place of the 7001 Form.

Veterinary Feed Directives (VFDs)

Livestock producers need to securely store VFDs for at least two years, and GVL takes care of compliance.


Find a veterinarian near you, by species or speciality, for all of your animal service needs with our free Find-A-Vet site


If you’re traveling with animals, check animalregs.com to find out what you need to be compliant with state movement requirements.

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