Owners & Producers

GVL allows veterinarians to get your movement documents, test certificates and results to you faster than ever.

The GVL platform keeps animal owners and livestock producers connected to their veterinarians and animal health records to improve animal wellness, ease travel and transport.

Ask your veterinarian how you can get started with digital animal health records through GVL.

Keeping Clients Connected

Animal health information is always within reach with GVL's MyVetLink owner account.

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Ask your veterinarian to help you sign up for MyVetLink as an animal owner or trainer, stable owner, transporter, show official, etc.

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For help with common questions, like resetting your password or viewing animal records, explore our MyVetLink Help Center.


Find a veterinarian near you, by species or speciality, for all of your animal service needs with our free Find-A-Vet site


If you’re traveling with animals, check animalregs.com to find out what you need to be compliant with state movement requirements.

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The GVL Customer Success Team is available every day from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. central time. Email the team at gvlsupport@globalvetlink.com.

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