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5 Resources You Need for Summer Travel with Pets

Summer’s here and that means people are taking more trips, often traveling with their pets. While we all enjoy the nice weather, this time of year can present certain challenges for veterinarians and animal health professionals. A prime example: a client calls while on the road and needs a copy of their health certificate right away.

We’re summarizing our most helpful tips and current information to help you prepare for the influx in client services, and help make these challenges less of a problem for you when they do arise.

Help ensure your clients’ travel plans go smoothly this summer by making sure you know all of these tips — there’s even some resources you can share with them.

See how easy it is to create CVIs in GVL

Digital Animal Health with GVL

MyVetLINK Animal Owner Account

Provide your clients with an online account for 24/7 access to their certificates and records.

Veterinary Feed
Directives (VFDs)

Maintain compliance, ensure accuracy and manage storage of VFDs.

Swine Diagnostic Results and Analysis

Consolidate veterinary diagnostics from multiple labs and analyze the results with robust charting features.

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