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6-Month Health Certificate

GoPass® is the only electronic official state veterinary health certificate that allows you to travel with your horse throughout participating states for six months.

Offering convenience for frequent travelers with horses, GoPass works exactly the same as a regular health certificate (CVI).

And just like GVL digital EIA (Coggins) test certificates, your GoPass is always online to download from your MyVetLINK account.

Ask your veterinarian for the convenience of traveling with GoPass. To find a GVL vet in your area, use our simple Find-A-Vet search tool. If your vet is not listed, ask them to subscribe to GVL, or contact us to let us know the clinic name, contact and location.

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See the map below to find out what states allow GoPass certificates.

Note: Upon completion of travel, a Travel Itinerary must be submitted for all horses that use a GoPass certificate. The Itineraries must be submitted to the State Veterinarian’s office in which the horse is stabled. An Itinerary must be submitted for a GoPass before subsequent GoPass certificates can be issued for the same horse, by your veterinarian. Travel itinerary for GoPass can be updated and submitted through MyVetLINK.


GoPass States

The states in dark blue currently allow GoPass certificates.

Note: North Carolina is a pass-through state only. A GoPass cannot be issued with a North Carolina origin.

GoPass states listed alphabetically:
Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia

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