GVL SmartEngine Technology

GVL’s unique SmartEngine technology automatically checks certificates for errors, ensuring final documents are complete, accurate and compliant with requirements.

Built-in state regulations and movement requirements

SmartEngine technology is what makes the GVL platform truly different from paper forms, fillable PDFs and other electronic certificate products.

Developed with the veterinarian in mind, GVL SmartEngine technology saves time and frustration by making health certificate and VFD creation as easy as possible, while ensuring that the completed certificates and VFDs are accurate and compliant with requirements.

How does SmartEngine work?

  • Helps vet select or input the correct information when creating health certificates or VFDs
  • Verifies entire certificate for accuracy, completeness and compliance
  • Reduces inaccuracies and saves time spent reviewing documents and following up with compliance issues
  • Improves efficiency while easing the minds of veterinarians, feed manufacturers, producers and state animal health officials

GVL SmartEngine is used in VFDs and health certificates (CVIs). The technology also powers GVL’s animal movement requirements search site, AnimalRegs.com.

Verified SmartEngine States

GVL asks state animal health officials to verify their regulatory and movement requirement information to ensure that our system is current and accurate. Below shows all of the states that are participating in verification of SmartEngine information.


Digital Animal Health with GVL

MyVetLINK Animal Owner Account

Provide your clients with an online account for 24/7 access to their certificates and records.

Veterinary Feed
Directives (VFDs)

Maintain compliance, ensure accuracy and manage storage of VFDs.

Swine Diagnostic Results and Analysis

Consolidate veterinary diagnostics from multiple labs and analyze the results with robust charting features.

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