GlobalVetLINK utilizes a cutting edge technology which enables those who view GlobalVetLINK certificates to verify the certificate as an authentic electronically signed document. In order for the computer to properly view the signatures, there are two parts of instructions:


These instructions, explain how to install and enable the technology to properly view a signed document using Adobe Reader.

Prior to starting these instructions, please make sure that your computer has the following:

  • Current Version of Internet Explorer. To execute the certificate instructions, you must use Internet Explorer. To open Internet Explorer:
  • Click on the Start button in the lower left hand corner of your screen.
  • Select Programs or All Programs.
  • Select Internet Explorer.
  • Current version of Adobe Reader to open Adobe Acrobat:
  • Click on the Start button in the lower left hand corner of your screen.
  • Programs or All Programs. If you have Adobe Reader (6.0 or 7.0), you should see it listed on the list of Programs. If you do not have Adobe Reader listed, you can download the latest Adobe Reader version for free at the following website:http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html

To verify the authentic signature, your machine will need to install a Root Certificate so that it can allow the proper signature.

Note: These instructions only need to be performed once per machine.

  1. Right click on this link and select “save link as”.
  2. A popup window will ask you if you want to Run or Save the file.
  3. Click on Desktop
  4. Click on Save
  5. Open Internet Explorer
  6. On the Internet Explorer menu, select Tools then Internet Options
  7. Select the Content tab
  8. Click on the Certificates button
  9. Select the Trusted Root Certification Authorities tab
  10. Click on the Import button
  11. Click on the Next button
  12. Click on Browse
  13. Click on Desktop
  14. Select the WS_CA file you saved to the desktop earlier (It may be named WS_CA.cer depending on your system settings)
  15. Click on the Open button
  16. Click on Next 2 more times
  17. Click on Finish

To modify Adobe Reader, you will first need to open it. To open Adobe Reader, perform the following actions:

  1. Click on the Start button in the lower left hand corner of your screen.
  2. Select Programs or All Programs,
  3. Select Adobe Reader.
  4. Click on the Edit Menu and select Preferences.
  5. On the left side of the screen, select Security and press the Advanced Preferences button.
  6. At the top of the window, select the Windows Integration tab.
  7. Make sure all 3 check boxes are marked, then click OK.

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