So you’re wondering why you should upgrade your browser. Besides the fact that major sites like YouTube, and Google Docs are phasing out support for obsolete browsers like Internet Explorer 6 (even Microsoft is counting down to the death of IE6), we can boil it down to four main reasons:


Newer browsers render pages quicker, work faster, and are more efficient at doing it. This is a direct benefit to your time and your overall web experience!


We know all you really want is for things to “just work”. That is not to much to expect, and it is our goal to meet this expectation. Newer browsers play nicer with developers by following standards and providing capabilities that make developing new features that “just work” easier. Many modern browsers are also already supporting emerging HTML5 features which represents a significant overhaul in web technologies. The sooner our users upgrade the faster we will add cool new capabilities to make our application even better. In contrast, maintaining compatibility and ironing out the quirks of obsolete browsers takes a lot of time (and it is just not very fun). Ultimately newer browsers translate into a better user experience happening sooner and at lower cost, but it is a step we can’t take without you.


The current generation of browsers are more secure in many ways. We know you greatly value the privacy and security of your information. Of course we work hard to respect your privacy, and choosing more secure software to use as your portal to the Internet will help increase security with all sites you visit, not just ours.

Our current recommendation is to upgrade today to the most recent version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

We are working towards supporting new browsers as we phase out support for older ones. Currently we only officially support Firefox, Chrome and Microsoft Edge. However, other browsers may work. What we mean by saying a browser is ‘unsupported’ is that we do not test our application in that browser to guarantee that everything works.

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