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As government regulations become more prevalent in the animal health industry, we continue to develop digital animal health and movement solutions that help ease the stress of compliance.

Digital Animal Health Compliance Solutions

Companion Animal Solutions
Take the anxiety and guesswork out of international, domestic and Hawaii pet travel. A seamless, step-by-step workflow streamlines document preparation and creates always-compliant pet travel certificates in under 5 minutes.
Equine Solutions

Keep your clients moving with easy-to-use software for complete and accurate health certificates, Extended Equine CVIs (EECVIs), digital veterinary prescriptions and digital Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA) tests submitted instantly to laboratories.
Production Animal Solutions
Save time with GlobalVetLink's cloud-based platform for animal health and movement documents. Create submission-ready digital travel certificates in one easy-to-use platform with built-in, automated compliance regulations.

Who We Help

Ensure your clients have everything they need with digital animal health records and documentation in one platform.

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Save valuable time and prepare digital GlobalVetLink health certificates with built-in compliance verification that ensures accuracy.

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Manage users in the GlobalVetLink platform and save time and effort with digital health certificates to ensure efficiency in the practice.

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GlobalVetLink streamlines the submission and review of required animal health and movement documents to increase the efficiency of state-by-state review processes.

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Increase clinic revenue and maximize efficiency by offering compliant animal health and movement services.

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GlobalVetLink’s premier network of industry partners provides our customers a deeper connection to all stakeholders within the animal health industry.

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Report results faster, streamline testing processes and keep customers connected. The GlobalVetLink platform helps to ease the process of resulting EIA (Coggins) tests.

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As a veterinarian who uses GlobalVetLink on both the small animal and equine platforms, I love the ease and efficiency of the program. GlobalVetLink has cut down on countless hours of paperwork allowing me to be more attentive to my patients as well as enjoy my off time (instead of drawing Coggins photos after hours). I appreciate being able to access the program at any time, making Farm Calls a breeze. Importantly, the GlobalVetLink team is constantly updating the system and accepting feedback to better help veterinarians and staff.

Dr. Katie Johnson
Family Friends Vet

When using an online service or platform such as GVL, you always worry; Will there be a human to speak to if I have a problem after they sell me their product? The answer is YES! The tech support is outstanding. I love the chat feature when doing a CVI or EIA and need a question answered. The question can be answered right away using the chat feature instead of making a phone call, but you still get the personalized service of speaking to a human being.

Michelle Hopkins, Clinic Office Manager
Mineral Wells Animal

A lot of our clients are really interested in EECVIs and have been requesting them. The new format works really smoothly, and the clients can just log in and enter their trip information as needed.

Dr. Cooley
Thomasville Animal Hospital

Not only do our customers get their final certificates a lot faster with GVL — sometimes the next day — but they also always have their certificates when they need them. If a customer does call in and needs a copy of their certificate, all we have to do is pull it up on our phone and hit send and they get it right away.

Stephanie Fluitt, Frank L. Fluitt, DVM

With government forms, we had to fill them all out by hand and it could take weeks to find out if there was a problem that we needed to fix. Now with GVL, we know right away if something’s wrong and we can fix it immediately. It’s so much better.

Dr. Anna Portnoy
Riverside Animal Hospital


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GlobalVetLink Compliance Assistant

The GlobalVetLink Compliance Assistant is a comprehensive platform designed to streamline animal health compliance for all veterinary practices. The intelligent Compliance Engine automatically verifies all certificates are compliant with the most current regulatory requirements.

The GlobalVetLink Compliance Assistant features SmartEngine™ technology with a built-in regulatory checker that automatically makes sure your documents are compliant with the most recent regulatory requirements.

Create compliant and accurate health certificates, VFDs and more in under 5 minutes with the step-by-step wizard.

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GlobalVetLink’s Compliance Assistant software provides a step-by-step compliance document builder. Create complex compliance documents in under 5 minutes.
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Always-up-to-date software supported by the integrated compliance engine makes sure your documents are always compliant with ever-evolving regulations.
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Digitally store, save, and share compliance documents in the SOC 2 Compliant GlobalVetLink Compliance Cloud. Easily transfer records to labs, clients, and health officials.