Alternative for APHIS 7001 Forms: Digital Health Certificates

Use of the APHIS 7001 Form for health certificates remains a concern across the nation for veterinarians and traveling animal owners, as many states no longer accept this form or discourage its use altogether.

Do you know if your state has stopped accepting the APHIS 7001 form?

The states that no longer accept APHIS 7001 Forms include: Alaska, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin.

Many officials recommend digital Certificates of Veterinary Inspection (CVIs) for movement instead of the APHIS 7001 Form.

GVL® is the industry standard secure, online CVI system, with users quickly and easily creating millions of digital certificates in order to:

  • Save time – quick, intuitive, online CVI creation and submission
  • Reduce errors – built in regulations and movement requirements
  • Simplify compliance – approved in all 50 states and 3 US territories
  • Manage data – searchable account maintains all records and information
  • Get unlimited support – fully staffed team offers help and training
  • Digitally share with clients – provide 24-7 access with owner portal
Free Webinar: Handling the 7001 Crisis with eCVIs

In our webinar, Handling the 7001 Crisis with eCVIs, we explain the continued challenge of APHIS 7001 Forms and how digital health certificates can solve the issue. Watch the 7001 Form webinar below, or on our YouTube channel.