Animal Health and Movement Compliance Solutions

At GlobalVetLink, we have developed an intelligent online platform to simplify and expedite the creation of animal health and movement certificates. Reclaim valuable time to dedicate to providing optimal patient care while we ensure your practice adheres to intricate regulations. We are committed to designing digital solutions that streamline animal health and movement compliance.

Increase Productivity with the GlobalVetLink Compliance Assistant

The GlobalVetLink Compliance Assistant is a comprehensive platform designed to streamline certificate creation and record-keeping for all veterinary practices.

Create compliant and accurate domestic and international health certificates, EIAs, VFDs, and more in under 5 minutes with the step-by-step guidance of the GVL Compliance Assistant.

Companion Animal Solutions
Take the anxiety and guesswork out of international, domestic and Hawaii pet travel with a seamless, step-by-step workflow that streamlines document preparation and creates always-compliant pet travel certificates made in under 5 minutes.
Equine Solutions

Keep your clients moving with easy-to-use software for complete and accurate health certificates, Extended Equine CVIs (EECVIs), digital veterinary prescriptions and digital Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA) tests submitted instantly to laboratories.
Production Animal Solutions
Same time with GlobalVetLink's cloud-based platform for animal health and movement documents. Create submission-ready digital documents in one easy-to-use platform with built-in, automated compliance regulations.

Certificates Included in GlobalVetLink’s Compliance Assistant

Check boxes on the left to filter certificates based on the species or type.

Extended Equine CVIs
Six month equine health certificates offer an easy, affordable solution for frequent travelers.
Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA) or Coggins Tests
Improve EIA processing by digitally submitting tests, receiving results and sharing with owners faster.
ForSale Certificates
Provide an easy-to-use, streamlined solution for intrastate sale documents.
Hawaii Health Certificates
Pet owners traveling to Hawaii with their pets require multiple health and vaccination certificates to verify animal health.
Health Certificates (CVIs)
GlobalVetLink takes the guesswork out of Certificates of Veterinary Inspection with built-in regulations.
International Health Certificates
Facilitate simple international movement of cats and dogs without the worry.
Swine Diagnostic Results and Analysis
Consolidate veterinary diagnostics from multiple labs and analyze the results with robust charting features.
Rabies Vaccination Certificates
Easy rabies vaccination certificates for cats, dogs and horses.
Veterinary Prescriptions
Simplify your script process, from creation to fulfillment, with GlobalVetLink.
Veterinary Feed Directives (VFDs)
Maintain compliance, ensure accuracy and manage storage of VFDs.

About GlobalVetLink

As the pioneer and leader in digital animal health and movement compliance, GlobalVetLink helps veterinarians improve accuracy and reduce the time-consuming administration related to regulatory compliance. 

The GVL platform provides an intelligent online solution to streamline the creation and management of digital animal health certificates, EIA testing, veterinary feed directives, and prescriptions, resulting in improved efficiency and accuracy for regulatory compliance. 

Over 180 million animals per year in the pet-wellness, equine, and US production animal food chain utilize GlobalVetLink for state, federal, and international health compliance.