Hawaii Health Certificates

GlobalVetLink makes Hawaii pet travel a breeze.

Pet owners traveling to Hawaii with their pets require multiple health and vaccination certificates to verify animal health.

GlobalVetLink brings you digital health certificates for Hawaii. Our software is an easy-to-use online solution that empowers veterinarians, animal health professionals, and animal owners to create, access, and download Hawaii animal movement records with ease and efficiency.

Achieve compliance accuracy with your travel certificates—every time.

Which Hawaiian destinations are available in GlobalVetLink for creating travel documents?

Veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and practice managers can prepare travel documents for Honolulu, as well as Kona, Kahului, and Lihue. GlobalVetLink utilizes a step-by-step workflow and ensures accurate travel certificates, eliminating manual research, saving time, and increasing revenue for your practice. Login to your GlobalVetLink account now to start the process.

Compliant. Convenient. Quick.

GlobalVetLink takes the anxiety and guesswork out of sending pets to Hawaii. Create pet travel certificates in under 5 minutes with GlobalVetLink's built-in rule checking and always up-to-date software.

  • Accepted by the Hawaii Animal Industry Division
  • Step-by-step workflow streamlines document preparation
  • Built-in state movement requirements
  • Easily share with clients online

Our solution saves hours of research and configuration in creating Health Certificates for owners traveling with their pets to Hawaii. It automates the entire process and provides veterinarians with a valuable and profitable service to offer pet owners.

Dog on board by itself
Man on board with dog

How do Hawaii health certificates work in GlobalVetLink?

GlobalVetLink uses a simple step-by-step, Q&A format to collect basic information and automatically incorporates completed FAVN tests and Rabies Vaccination certificates to create a submission-ready travel document packet, accepted by the Hawaii Animal Industry Division for arrival in Hawaii.

The system ensures that all entry requirements are met, completes the required forms, and enables sharing of the completed packet with the animal owner prior to travel.

How long before travel to Hawaii should I contact my veterinarian?

Hawaii has multiple pet import requirements, including Rabies Vaccination and FAVN testing requirements. You should begin working with your veterinarian to complete the necessary testing and documentation at least 60 days prior to your arrival in Hawaii.

Pet Travel Concierge Service

With GlobalVetLink’s Pet Travel Concierge Service, our pet travel consultant team takes the paperwork off your plate. Our experienced pet travel consultant team will handle everything from paperwork preparation to USDA endorsement tracking - saving you more time to continue treating your furry patients.

With our Pet Travel Concierge Service, the GlobalVetLink team will handle:

  • Pet & Travel Details Collection
  • International Health Certificate Document Preparation
  • Certificate Preparation in VEHCS for Endorsement Submission
  • USDA Endorsement Tracking