GlobalVetLink Compliance Assistant Features

The GlobalVetLink Compliance Assistant offers veterinarians an intelligent, online solution designed to streamline the creation of digital animal health certificates.

Isn’t It Time You Streamline Animal Health and Compliance Documentation?

The GlobalVetLink Compliance Assistant offers veterinarians an intelligent, online solution designed to streamline the creation and management of digital animal health certificates, EIA testing, veterinary feed directives, and prescriptions. Our platform ensures improved efficiency and accuracy for regulatory compliance by staying updated with the latest regulatory requirements. It simplifies the creation of accurate compliance documents in under 5 minutes through an easy step-by-step process.

With GVL, health and movement compliance is as easy as entering a few pieces of information and leaving the rest to us!

Explore the GVL Compliance Assistant's Features

The GVL Compliance Assistant is the veterinarian's partner in ensuring the highest standards of animal health management and regulatory compliance. By harnessing the power of this platform, veterinary professionals can significantly enhance their operational efficiency, data accuracy, and compliance with legal requirements.

Certificate Creator
The Certificate Creator allows for the accurate creation of various certificates by guiding users through an easy step-by-step workflow. This ensures the necessary data for each certificate type is correctly inputted, with the GVL watermark signifying accuracy and data integrity. View the full list of certificate types here.
SmartEngine is an intelligent rules engine containing up-to-date state, federal, and international compliance rules. It enables the creation of certificates that comply with published regulations, ensuring that all documents meet the necessary legal requirements.
Certificate Submission
Upon completion by the veterinarian, Certificates of Veterinary Inspection (CVIs) are automatically sent to state animal health officials, fulfilling regulatory requirements without additional steps.
IHC Submission Generator
The IHC Submission Generator automates the preparation of International Health Certificates (IHCs) for submission to the USDA, removing the need for manual data entry and streamlining the process for veterinary professionals.
Records Manager
GVL's Records Manager securely stores certificates, animal health information, diagnostic test results, and contact information. It offers robust search and management capabilities for animals, certificates, and contacts, along with MyVetLink access for owners.
MyVetLink provides animal owners with 24/7 access to their records, downloadable certificates for offline access, EECVI movement permits, and a comprehensive Help Center.
FlyWithMyPet assists animal owners in researching domestic and international pet travel requirements, helping ensure compliance with animal movement regulations.
Find A Vet
This resource helps animal owners locate veterinary clinics capable of assisting with exams, treatments, documents, and health certificates required for travel.
The GVL Compliance Assistant integrates with various systems, including BusinessInfusions (HVMS), Impromed, Jockey Club, Thorovet, and WiseOption, enhancing its utility and flexibility.
SOC II Compliant
GlobalVetLink is SOC 2 Compliant. The goal of SOC 2 is to evaluate organization security and internal controls around security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy.
Cloud Based - Mobile Friendly
The GVL Compliance Assistant is a cloud-hosted, mobile-friendly platform, enabling you to work on any device with data or an internet connection with nothing to install.
Accepted for All Species and US States and Territories
GlobalVetLink is the only compliance software you will need to use for rules and regulations, saving you time from having to use and train staff on multiple systems.
Batch Sign
Save time by signing multiple certificates at one time in one place. Through the GVL Compliance Assistant, you can create multiple CVIs, EIAs, or EECVIs and sign them in a batch.

Add On Features

Concierge Service
GlobalVetLink's in-house pet travel consultant team prepares pet travel documentation, offering expert support for clinics navigating the complexities of pet travel.
LabLink HIMS
LabLink HIMS is a real-time diagnostic solution that boosts herd health management efficiency by allowing rapid collection and aggregation of diagnostic results, enhancing disease monitoring and treatment plans.

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