Pet Travel Concierge Service

Let us help you streamline your international pet travel appointments!

Let us do the heavy lifting for you!

With GlobalVetLink’s Pet Travel Concierge Service, our pet travel consultant team takes the paperwork off your plate. Our experienced pet travel consultant team will handle everything from paperwork preparation to USDA endorsement tracking - saving you more time to continue treating your furry patients.

With our Pet Travel Concierge Service, the GlobalVetLink team will handle:

  • Pet & Travel Details Collection
  • International Health Certificate Document Preparation
  • Certificate Preparation in VEHCS for Endorsement Submission
  • USDA Endorsement Tracking

How It Works

  1. Complete and submit our online form to tell us about your customer’s upcoming international travel plans
  2. The Pet Travel Consultant team will collect and review any records, create and provide the custom preparation timeline, and prepare any additional paperwork
  3. Receive the prefilled international health certificate(s) and prefilled VEHCS certificate(s) before your patient’s appointment(s) in preparation for certificate submission in VEHCS
  4. After the certificates are submitted to the USDA in VEHCS, the Pet Travel Consultant team will track and monitor the endorsement to completion on your behalf
  5. Once the certificates are endorsed, the Pet Travel Consultant team can forward them to the pet owner or a third party on your behalf

Package Pricing

Included With Each Package:

  • Pet records review and travel eligibility assessment
  • Custom veterinary preparation timeline
  • Custom guided appointment instructions
  • Custom patient treatment summary documents
  • On-call appointment support with GVL’s Pet Travel Consultant team
  • Prepared VEHCS certificate
  • Prefilled international health certificate
  • USDA endorsement monitoring and tracking

After receiving and processing your initial request, our Pet Travel Consultant team will provide you with an invoice that must be paid upon receipt. This payment will enable our team to initiate the necessary paperwork.

Please visit our Help Center for a complete list of GVL International Pet Travel Destinations.

Let our knowledgeable team discuss the process and how GlobalVetLink can help your clinic!

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Katie set the bar very high for my first experience with GVL’s concierge service! This was my first international health certificate to work on, and I could not have done it without her help! She was amazing, very on top of every detail, and when we would run into a speed bump, she was already 10 steps ahead working it out. Highly highly recommend!!

Dr. Whitney, 1 dog to Togo
The Pet Hospitals - Panther (Petal, MS)

Our office has been using GVL services for a little under a month and we are so pleased overall with the efficiency of the service and especially wanted to give a shoutout to Katie for her 5 star experience in preparing a 3 petter health certificate to Tunisia/Germany/Italy in a tight turnaround time. She successfully communicated with us and the client throughout the entire process and our entire team and DVM were so pleased with her efficiency in completing the task and her attention to detail. She was our lifesaver in helping prepare the travel documents this client needed and was super responsive and professional. We would rate her more than 5 stars if we could but wanted to make sure her praises we sung to the appropriate supervisor as she is a ROCKSTAR!!! We look forward to working directly with Katie in the future and especially look forward to continuing our services with GVL.

Petvacx Animal Hospital (MD)

I am so grateful for this service. Katie has been truly awesome. I have recommended this service to every DVM I know!

Dr. Nic, 1 dog to Ecuador
Vet Clinic (TX)

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