GlobalVetLink Platform Compatible with RFID Readers

by Ali Oaks | October 23, 2023

GlobalVetLink Platform Compatibility with RFID Readers

GlobalVetLink knows the importance of accurate animal ID information for disease traceability. To further assist veterinarians using the GVL Compliance Assistant Platform in ensuring accuracy, GlobalVetLink has announced compatibility with RFID Readers to easily upload animal ID information to the GVL Compliance Assistant Platform. 

Designed with the veterinarian in mind, the GlobalVetLink Compliance Assistant is an all-inclusive platform that simplifies certificate creation and record keeping. The platform increases productivity and reduces errors by monitoring applicable state, federal, and international regulatory requirements. Through the GlobalVetLink Compliance Assistant, veterinary clinics can more efficiently generate accurate and compliant animal health and movement documents.

Animal ID information collected through RFID Readers can be used in certificates created through GlobalVetLink, making creating Certificates of Veterinary Inspection (CVIs) easier than ever. The GVL Compliance Assistant platform is compatible with the following wands:

  • AllFlex
    • AWR300 Stick Reader
  • Datamars
    • SRS2
    • XRS2
  • Destron Fearing
    • GPR+
  • Shearwell Data
    • SDL440S Stick Reader

RFID Reader Training Resources

Visit our help center for FAQs and view our video library to see how you can use an RFID Reader to easily collect data and input it into your next GVL CVI.

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