Revolutionizing Commercial Pet Transportation: GlobalVetLink Introduces Commercial IHCs

by Ali Oaks | May 2, 2024

Introducing GVL Commercial International Health Certificates!

In the ever-evolving world of veterinary care and pet transportation, the need for streamlined processes and compliance with international health standards has never been more critical. Recognizing this, GlobalVetLink is excited to announce the launch of a revolutionary new feature within our GVL Compliance Assistant Platform: Commercial International Health Certificates (IHCs). This innovation is set to transform how veterinary professionals manage the complexities of commercial pet transportation, ensuring efficiency, compliance, and peace of mind.

What Are Commercial IHCs?

Commercial IHCs cater to the specific needs of commercial pet transportation scenarios—situations where pets travel without their owner or a designated person within 5 days or when six or more pets are moved in one shipment. This feature is designed to intelligently recognize and adapt to the unique requirements and essential documents needed for transporting pets to various countries, streamlining the entire process.

Why Is This Feature a Game-Changer?

  • Intelligent Automation: By selecting "Commercial movement" as the type of travel, the platform automatically identifies the specific requirements for the intended destination, ensuring all requirements are met.
  • Simplified Process: The GVL Compliance Assistant Platform significantly reduces the time and effort spent preparing the necessary paperwork, enhancing efficiency and reducing the potential for errors.
  • Empowering Professionals: With access to the right tools and information, veterinarians and pet transport professionals are better equipped to ensure a smooth, compliant journey for pets, providing peace of mind to all parties involved.

With the introduction of Commercial IHCs, GlobalVetLink reaffirms its commitment to innovating veterinary care and pet transportation. This feature is a testament to our dedication to making pet transport easier, safer, and more compliant with international health standards. We invite veterinary professionals and pet transport companies to explore this new feature and see how it can transform their operations.

GlobalVetLink International Health Certificates

Preparing pets for travel is a journey, and the GVL Compliance Assistant is here to help veterinarians make that journey as smooth as possible. 

GlobalVetLink takes the anxiety and guesswork out of the international pet travel certification process by automating regulatory research, preventing mistakes, and ensuring clients have the documents they need. Our solution saves hours of research and configuration in creating International Health Certificates for owners traveling with their pets. It automates the entire process and provides veterinarians with a valuable and profitable service to offer pet owners.

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