GlobalVetLink Announces Integration with The Jockey Club InCompass Solutions

by Ali Oaks | November 27, 2023

GlobalVetLink Announces Integration with The Jockey Club InCompass Solutions

In a partnership with The Jockey Club, the GVL platform now allows users to search The Jockey Club registry to pull horse record information into the GVL platform automatically. This functionality decreases the fields requiring manual data entry and speeds up the certificate creation process. 

GlobalVetLink and The Jockey Club InCompass Solutions have partnered to streamline the creation of equine health and movement certificates for veterinarians. This new integration will enable veterinarians using the GlobalVetLink Compliance Assistant Platform to import horse information from InCompass through the horse's microchip number, which will speed up the process of creating Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA) tests.

Designed with the veterinarian in mind, the GlobalVetLink Compliance Assistant is an all-inclusive platform that simplifies certificate creation and record keeping. The platform increases productivity and reduces errors by monitoring applicable state, federal, and international regulatory requirements. Through the GVL Compliance Assistant, veterinary clinics can more efficiently generate accurate and compliant animal health and movement documents. Through the integration with InCompass, veterinarians can easily import a horse's information, including name, date of birth, breed, gender, and more, by locating the horse's record through a microchip search of The Jockey Club Registry. This feature facilitates creating EIAs for equine veterinarians to give them more time to spend on the welfare of their patients.

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