International Health Certificates 101 – Free Download

by Ali Oaks | May 31, 2024

[A Beginner's Guide]

International Health Certificates 101

This beginner's guide to success will streamline your International Health Certificate (IHC) submission process. Learn three ways to create IHCs, from manual to completely hands-off. Get tips to automate your IHC process and discover how travel services can increase practice revenue.

Inside this Guide:

  • International Health Certificates (IHCs) 101
  • 3 Ways to Create IHC
    • #1 Manually Creating IHCs
    • #2 Use GlobalVetLink to Automate IHC Creation
    • #3 Use GlobalVetLink's Pet Travel Concierge Service
  • Increase Clinic Revenue with Pet Travel Services
  • Essential Pet Owner Pet Travel Support,

Creating International Health Certificates with GVL

GlobalVetLink takes the anxiety and guesswork out of the international pet travel certification process by automating regulatory research, preventing mistakes, and ensuring clients have the documents they need. Create accurate, compliant pet travel certificates in under 5 minutes.