Getting Started with International Health Certificates (IHCs) [eBook – Free Download]

by Ali Oaks | June 1, 2023

Free Veterinary eBook: Getting Started with IHCs – Your Roadmap to Success

International (Pet) Health Certificates, commonly known as IHCs, are health documents required by foreign countries for the admission of live animals traveling from the United States. This free veterinary eBook download has all the essential details you need to efficiently create compliant pet travel documents for your patients. Included are step-by-step guides and solutions that help your team create IHCs in under 5 minutes.

Inside this free veterinary eBook:

  • Introduction to International Health Certificates (IHCs)
  • IHC Solutions
  • IHC Roadmap
  • USDA-APHIS Endorsement Through VEHCS
  • GlobalVetLink Supported Countries
  • Support for Less Common Destinations
  • Plus, Bonus Resources

Looking for International Pet Travel Requirements? Check out!'s simple information collector allows pet owners to enter their travel information. Once entered, the website will provide a list of pet travel requirements, including the documents your pet needs to travel in compliance.
After reviewing the travel requirements, owners can use the Find-A-Vet tool to locate a veterinary clinic in their area who can assist you with the required exams, treatments, and documents.