Milo’sNotes: Pet Travel 2.0 [eBook – Free Download]

by Ali Oaks | September 1, 2023

[Free Veterinary eBook: Newest Edition of Milo’sNotes]

Download the second edition of Milo'sNotes: Pet Travel 2.0 (our version of pet travel CliffsNotes®) for an abridged version of must-know pet travel updates from the last 12 months.

Inside the free vet eBook:

  • A rundown of how to use to streamline travel research
  • International pet travel terminology cheat sheet
  • Review top international pet travel destinations
  • Tips to streamline pet travel to Israel and China
  • Essential EU and UK pet travel requirement updates
  • Changes to AUS international pet entry requirements
  • Everything you need to know about Pet Passports
  • Hawaii pet travel essentials
  • Ways to save time on creating International Health Certificates (IHCs)
  • And more...

Looking for International Pet Travel Requirements? Check out!'s simple information collector allows pet owners to enter their travel information. Once entered, the website will provide a list of pet travel requirements, including the documents your pet needs to travel in compliance.
After reviewing the travel requirements, owners can use the Find-A-Vet tool to locate a veterinary clinic in their area who can assist you with the required exams, treatments, and documents.