New Pet TravelPass Feature – EU Transit Certificates!

by Ali Oaks | November 16, 2023

Now Streamline EU Transit Certificate Creation with the GVL Pet TravelPass!

GlobalVetLink is pleased to announce that its Compliance Assistant Platform now includes EU Transit Certificates, further simplifying the international pet travel process for veterinarians and practice staff.

An EU Transit Certificate is required for any pet traveling through an EU country before arriving at their destination. This new feature of the GVL Pet TravelPass will guide veterinarians through creating an EU Transit Pet TravelPass after completing the Pet TravelPass for the final destination.

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What is the GVL Pet TravelPass?

The GVL Pet TravelPass takes the anxiety and guesswork out of the international pet travel certification process by automating regulatory research, preventing mistakes, and ensuring that clients have all of the pet travel and pet health documents they need. Create accurate, compliant pet travel certificates for pet travel to the EU - in under 5 minutes!

The GVL Pet TravelPass is:

  • Fast. Create pet travel certificates in under 5 minutes with intuitive cloud-based software.
  • Automated. Current compliance rules are built-in to eliminate manual research.
  • Compliant. Achieve compliance accuracy every time.
  • Revenue. Increase revenue with travel certificates and travel-related clinical services.

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