North Dakota Accepts Extended Equine Certificates of Veterinary Inspection

by Rebecca Haugland | October 26, 2021

North Dakota state animal health officials now accept Extended Equine Certificates of Veterinary Inspection (EECVIs), six-month health certificates for equine interstate movement. The EECVI program, launched by a number of state animal health officials in 2019, now has 32 US states participating (as of October 2021).

EECVIs allow horse owners to move for up to six months, instead of the 30 days a regular health certificate provides. Through the GlobalVetLink software platform, veterinarians in participating states can create an EECVI, submit it to their state animal health official, and provide owners with online access to create their travel permits 24/7.

Why acceptance of EECVI continues to grow among veterinarians, horse owners and state animal health officials

Equine owners move frequently, and the EECVI program helps to make those movements easy. This program eases the burden on veterinary practices, who would typically have to write multiple health certificates a month for their frequent travelers.

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Here’s what we hear about EECVIs from veterinarians and clinic staff:

  • Super easy process for the veterinarian, client and state animal health official.
  • Clients love the value of a six-month health certificate with one vet visit.
  • Simple photo upload and data collection through GVL HorseSync app.
  • Follow up and communication with clients is easier than ever.