Sharing the love for Valentine’s Day

by Rebecca Haugland | February 11, 2021

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we’re sharing some of our furry loves.
We hope you enjoy the love fest.

“Ellie loves getting to relax on the couch with her favorite humans.” – Leah Locke, Employee Success Specialist

“Roscoe is such a fun loving little guy, he makes us smile on a regular basis.” – Jennifer Williamson, Strategic Account Manager

“Binx loves to play with her brother Charlie and the cat. Loves being the center of attention and supervising all the goes on in the house. But mostly loves her humans and being snuggled by them even if that means taking up the whole bed/couch.” – Ali Tam, Customer Success Representative

Riata and Dog
“Riata and Dog are half siblings that enjoy spending as much time with their humans as possible. They are never far away, so you can easily find them either cuddling or causing mischief. The Soder family wouldn’t be complete without them!” – Amanda Soder, Client Onboarding Representative

Koda and Nora
“Koda and Nora grew up together, and are still besties today five years later.” – Lily Scott, Marketing Communications Specialist

My girls and their pups
“All of my daughters love their fur children like family.” – Michelle Scheepstra, Product Marketing Manager

“Ghost will always be my Valentine, because I picked her (or she picked me) on Valentine’s day! She keeps me on my toes and I wouldn’t have it any other way!” – Rebecca Haugland, Marketing Communications Coordinator