Simplify Pet Travel with GlobalVetLink’s Pet Concierge Service

by Ali Oaks | March 20, 2024

Let GlobalVetLink Do the Heavy Lifting for You

GlobalVetLink offers a comprehensive Pet Travel Concierge Service designed to take the burden off your shoulders. Let us handle the details collection and paperwork preparation, saving you more time to continue treating your furry patients.

GlobalVetLink’s Pet Travel Concierge Service is a one-stop solution for all your pet travel paperwork needs. Our experienced pet travel consultant team will guide you through every step of the process, from collecting necessary details to ensuring USDA endorsement. Here's how it works:

  • Pet & Travel Details Collection: Simply complete our online form with your client, pet, and travel information.
  • Document Preparation: Our team will prepare all required documents, including international health certificates and VEHCS certificates.
  • USDA Endorsement Tracking: We'll handle the submission preparation process and track your documents until they are endorsed by the USDA.
  • Delivery: Once endorsed, we can forward the certificates directly to you or a third party, ensuring a smooth transition for your pet's travel.

Our Pet Travel Concierge Service packages are designed to provide comprehensive support at every stage of the journey. Each package includes:

  • Pet records review and travel eligibility assessment
  • Custom veterinary preparation timeline
  • Guided appointment instructions
  • Patient treatment summary documents
  • On-call support with GVL’s Pet Travel Consultant team
  • Prepared VEHCS certificate
  • Prefilled international health certificate
  • USDA endorsement monitoring and tracking

What Customers Are Saying

Katie set the bar very high for my first experience with GVL’s concierge service! This was my first international health certificate to work on, and I could not have done it without her help! She was amazing, very on top of every detail, and when we would run into a speed bump, she was already 10 steps ahead working it out. Highly highly recommend!!” 

- Dr. Whitney with The Pet Hospitals

“I am so grateful for this service. You have been truly awesome. I have recommended this service to every DVM I know!!”

- Dr. K with Veterinary Clinic

About Our Team

Katie Harris

Bringing over four years of expertise in managing complex domestic and international pet travel, our pet travel consultant, Katie Harris, strives to ensure that veterinarians' pet travel services are seamless experiences.

About Our Concierge Service

Let our knowledgeable team discuss the process and how GlobalVetLink can help your clinic!