The Essential Summer Pet Travel Survival Guide

by Ali Oaks | April 1, 2024

Summer Pet Travel Survival Guide for Veterinary Practices

Are you trying to boost clinic profitability this summer? Download our guide to discover how pet travel services can generate thousands of dollars in revenue without the hassle of pet travel paperwork.

Learn how to focus on performing preferred services, such as wellness exams, vaccinations, and microchipping, while delegating the task of creating International Health Certificates to GlobalVetLink with our NEW Pet Travel Concierge Service.

What's Inside:

  • Sizzling summer service
  • Summer pet travel trends
  • Creating loyalty with pet travel services
  • The revenue of pet travel services
  • New turnkey pet travel concierge service
  • Pet travel service marketing ideas

GlobalVetLink International Health Certificates

GlobalVetLink takes the anxiety and guesswork out of the international pet travel certification process by automating regulatory research, preventing mistakes, and ensuring clients have the documents they need.

Create accurate, compliant pet travel certificates in under 5 minutes.

  • Fast. Create pet travel certificates in under 5 minutes with intuitive cloud-based software.
  • Automated. Current compliance rules are built-in to eliminate manual research.
  • Compliant. Achieve compliance accuracy, every time.
  • Revenue. Increase revenue with travel certificates and travel-related clinical services.

Pet Travel Concierge Service

With GlobalVetLink’s Pet Travel Concierge Service, our pet travel consultant team takes the paperwork off your plate. Our experienced pet travel consultant team will handle everything from paperwork preparation to USDA endorsement tracking - saving you more time to continue treating your furry patients.

With our Pet Travel Concierge Service, the GlobalVetLink team will handle:

  • Pet & Travel Details Collection
  • International Health Certificate Document Preparation
  • Certificate Preparation in VEHCS for Endorsement Submission
  • USDA Endorsement Tracking