Tips to Prepare for EIA/Coggins Season with GlobalVetLink

by Ali Oaks | February 21, 2023

EIA (Coggins) season is right around the corner! The team at GlobalVetLink wants to make sure that you know all the tips and tricks for using the GVL platform so the 2023 season goes as smoothly as possible.

Check out our tips on how to prepare for EIA (Coggins) season and create easy equine health certificate forms with GlobalVetLink.

GlobalVetLink digital coggins features will make your life easier!

GlobalVetLink’s platform strives to make creating compliant health certificates as simple as possible. Check out these tips that can make the process even easier.

1. Batch Create EIA Tests

Easily access the EIA batch create feature directly from the home screen of your GlobalVetLink account. Click on Create in the upper right corner and hover over EIA to select EIA Batch and create multiple EIA drafts simultaneously. Once the certificate drafts are completed, you can select them all and batch sign. When the certificates are successfully signed, the system will automatically download each lab submittal form for quick printing or emailing.

2. Completed EIA Notifications

You can receive email notifications when the lab has resulted and signed EIA (Coggins) tests. These email notifications can be sent to the clinic, the signing veterinarian, or both. You can turn these email notifications on by visiting your clinic settings. Visit this help article for instructions.

3. Automatically Send To Clients with MyVetLink

If you grant your client MyVetLink access, the client will automatically receive a copy via email once the EIA certificate is completed and returned from the lab. Your client can also create a free MyVetLink account with the email address you’ve granted access. This will give them 24/7 access to their certificates. Check out how to grant MyVetLink access in this help article.

4. Set a Default Lab and Lab Number

Do you use the same laboratory to send your blood samples to every time? Contact our support team to update your clinic settings to automatically fill in the lab of your choosing on your certificate forms, so you no longer have to search for them in the drop-down menu. If your lab also requires the lab account number to be filled out on all your forms, the team can manually set that number for you as well.

5. Email Completed EIAs from Recently Completed

Email completed GlobalVetLink EIA certificates directly from the Recently Completed tab. To send an individual EIA, hover over Actions and select Email. To send multiple EIA certificates, check the boxes on the left for the certificates you need to send, and from the Actions, choose Email.

Photo and data collection with the HorseSync App!

Perfect for veterinarians and their staff, the free GlobalVetLink HorseSync mobile app provides a tool for uploading new horse photos and information to their accounts for EIA (Coggins) test for horses.

Use with No Service

Start a new horse’s profile by taking their pictures and entering their information while you’re in the field. Horses will sync after good wifi, or data connection is established and after clicking “Sync Animals.” After horses are synced to GlobalVetLink, they will be available under “HorseSync Animals” in the Animals tab under Records until you complete the horse profile. Check out this walkthrough on how to use the HorseSync app.

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The GlobalVetLink platform enables animal health practitioners to quickly and accurately create digital EIA (Coggins) test certificates with real-time test transmission to labs.