Visit GlobalVetLink at VMX

by Rebecca Haugland | January 11, 2022

VMX 2022

January 15 – 19
Exhibits: January 16 – 19
Learn more:

Connect with the GlobalVetLink team at booth 1433

We’re looking forward to connecting with you at VMX! Visit us at booth 1433 to learn about the GVL Pet TravelPass and snap a photo in our photo booth!

Pre-Register to Win a “Destination” Lunch for Your Entire Clinic

Dreaming of France? Maybe Italy or Greece?

Pre-Register to win lunch for your entire team and enjoy the global cuisine of your choice.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at VMX! We’ve got some exciting booth activities lined up for you in celebration of our new Pet TravelPass that automates 100% accurate IHC’s in under 5 minutes:

#1 Pre-Register to win a “destination” lunch for your team

#2 Stop by booth #1433 to enjoy our photo booth, complete with international travel props (of course!).

We’re excited to see you soon! Visit us at booth 1433.