Webinar Recap: Jet Setting Pets: International Pet Travel Requirements Simplified

by Ali Oaks | July 3, 2023

In our recent webinar, Jet Setting Pets: International Pet Travel Requirements Simplified, the GlobalVetLink team discussed the intricate world of international pet travel!

Here, we’re sharing resources and Q&A from the webinar. If you still have questions related to this webinar, please contact us, and we’ll add them to this list.

Questions and answers from the webinar

There were many questions submitted by webinar attendees, and not all of them could be addressed in the hour-long session. We have compiled the questions and provided answers to the best of our knowledge. Click on a topic to expand the Q&A.

Jet Setting Pets Webinar Questions

Yes, a microchip is required for travel to the EU and UK.

There are no requirements specifying how the rabies certificates should be signed so any signature form should be accepted.

If the pet is traveling via air and has a layover in New York, a CVI is not needed. If the pet is traveling to New York and spending time there, then leaving from New York to travel to the EU, they will need a CVI for the trip to New York.

We have two pricing plans – a monthly subscription plan with discounted certificate fees and a pay-as-you-go plan. Full pricing details can be found at globalvetlink.com/signup.

The clinic is charged monthly for any certificates signed (completed) during the previous month. You are not charged for saving draft certificates.

Yes, if you have a GlobalVetLink account, the GVL Pet TravelPass is included. If you have any questions about access to the International and Hawaii Pet TravelPass, please contact our Support team.

GlobalVetLink charges you one certificate fee for the GVL Pet TravelPass, which includes the international and domestic health certificates. We suggest building the certificate fee into the amount you charge your client for an international travel appointment.

The GlobalVetLink platform is checking to ensure that the dates and information entered during the certificate creation process are all in line with the requirements for the selected country. If the platform finds that information does not match, it will direct the veterinarian to where in the certificate they need to correct information.

Yes, VEHCS accounts are free to create. The endorsement fees still apply when submitting via VEHCS.

GlobalVetLink has developed reference scenarios to assist you in preparing international health certificates, taking into account the updated EU and UK Rabies Proof of Vaccination Requirements. 

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About this webinar:

In an increasingly globalized world, pet owners are seeking opportunities to explore the world with their furry companions. However, ensuring a smooth and safe travel experience for pets across international borders involves understanding a myriad of regulations, documentation, and health requirements.

This engaging free veterinary webinar will delve into the core aspects of international pet travel, equipping your teams with the essential knowledge to guide your clients through the process. Led by the GlobalVetLink Product Team, this webinar will cover a range of topics, including country by country standards, pet health certificate requirements, airline regulations, and best practices for stress-free travel appointments.