GVL University

Free regulatory compliance education and practice for veterinary professionals – open to anyone, not just GVL customers

Improve your knowledge of animal health and movement documentation with GVL University.

GVL University provides free educational courses and a platform to practice creating digital animal health and movement documents, open to everyone who wants to learn.


Complete courses about documentation and regulations in animal health fields.


Try out creating digital animal health and movement certificates in the GVL platform.

Questions? Email gvluniversity@globalvetlink.com to learn more.


Our GVL University education courses help prepare students, new graduates and all animal health professionals with a greater understanding of documentation processes and regulatory requirements in their fields.

Anyone can complete our first educational course, Introduction to Animal Health Documentation.

This course provides an overview of common veterinary documents, as well as resources to build your knowledge of these documents and their requirements.

Let us know if there’s a topic you want to learn more about in GVL University: email gvluniversity@globalvetlink.com.

Getting Started

To complete GVL University education courses:

  • Visit education.globalvetlink.com.
  • Click on the course name and you will be directed to the login screen.
  • Click ‘create new account’ and enter your information. You will be sent a confirmation email with a link to verify your account.
  • Once you have verified your account, login and click Enroll (below the course name) to view the course.


With our GVL University practice environment, try your hand at creating digital animal health and movement documents.

Perfect for veterinary students or new hospital staff, use this platform for digital certificates such as:

  • Health certificates (CVIs)
  • International pet movement documentation
  • EIA (Coggins) tests
  • Rabies vaccination certificates
  • Veterinary prescriptions
  • Veterinary Feed Directives (VFDs) and more

Watch a quick overview of the GVL University practice platform:

Getting Started

Request a registration code to register for GVL University’s practice platform. Registration code requests are answered Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Once you’ve received your registration code:

See the registration process from start to finish:

Once you have registered, your account will be active for six months. You can sign up again at any time. We suggest checking out our GVL University resources and training videos to help you get started creating certificates. 

We’re excited to provide GVL University as a learning environment for veterinary students, hospital staff and others.

If you have any questions or would like help implementing this program as part of a course, please email gvluniversity@globalvetlink.com.

We’re here to help

The GVL Customer Success Team is available via chat, email or phone every day from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. central time.


Chat with GVL

Login to GVL and chat with a member of the support team. You can also email gvlsupport@globalvetlink.com or call 515-817-5704.

Help Center

Explore the GVL help center for training materials, frequently asked questions and helpful resources.


View in-depth training sessions or brief demo tutorials on GVL’s YouTube channel.

Digital Animal Health with GVL

MyVetLink Animal Owner Account

Provide your clients with an online account for 24/7 access to their certificates and records.

Veterinary Feed
Directives (VFDs)

Maintain compliance, ensure accuracy and manage storage of VFDs.

Rabies Vaccination Certificates

More digital pet health records and documentation in one platform.

Veterinary Prescriptions

Simplify your prescription process and standardize your formatting.

For Sale Documents

Provide an easy-to-use, streamlined solution for intrastate sale documents.

Swine Diagnostic Results and Analysis

Consolidate veterinary diagnostics from multiple labs and analyze the results with robust charting features.

International Pet Movement

Simple international movement of cats and dogs without the worry.