GlobalVetLink Launches SmartCert Technology for Secure and Efficient Animal Health Certificates

by Ali Oaks | June 17, 2024


GlobalVetLink Launches SmartCert Technology for Secure and Efficient Animal Health Certificates

Ames, IA (June 17, 2024)—GlobalVetLink (GVL), the leading provider of digital compliance solutions for animal health practitioners, has launched its groundbreaking SmartCert Technology. SmartCert Technology is designed to revolutionize the security and efficiency of digital animal health certificates, representing a significant step forward in animal health compliance management.

Utilizing patented document-embedded capabilities, GVL SmartCert Technology provides end-users with advanced protection against fraud, tampering, reproduction, and modification of their animal health certificates. The capabilities include four key elements:

  • Fraud Resistance – With proactive tools to identify and curb fraudulent creation and use, SmartCert equips end-users and government agencies with the ability to easily verify certificate authenticity instantly online.
  • Advanced Watermarking – Document integrity is indexed and tracked at the digital level and through a visible validation watermark.
  • Intelligent Routing – Compliance documents are automatically routed to appropriate local, state, and federal authorities, mitigating misrouting and minimizing manual effort for veterinary clinics.
  • Secure Sharing—SmartCert-enabled GVL certificates offer verified access for animal owners, service providers like groomers or dog sitters, and direct compliant cloud access to protect users' data and privacy.

GVL SmartCert Technology, built on the company's SOC-2 secure platform, provides an additional layer of security and reliability. The addition of SmartCert Technology makes the GVL Compliance Assistant the ideal solution for animal health practitioners who prioritize data security.

"We are excited to launch our SmartCert Technology, which sets a new standard for secure and efficient animal health data management," said Gary Ambrosino, CEO at GlobalVetLink. "No other animal health software company provides this level of security and protection, not only through SmartCert but with our SOC-2 compliant platform. We expect SmartCert to become the standard in the industry."

With SmartCert Technology, GlobalVetLink is revolutionizing digital animal health data compliance. Our commitment is to providing innovative digital solutions for the animal health industry, resulting in greater security and efficiency in animal health compliance management. For more information about GlobalVetLink and SmartCert Technology, please visit

About GlobalVetLink:

GlobalVetLink is a leader in providing digital compliance solutions for animal health practitioners, facilitating seamless, efficient, and secure animal data management for regulatory compliance. Our commitment to the animal health industry is to continuously improve health compliance, protect the industry against fraud, and prioritize data security to maintain our leadership at the forefront of veterinary digital solutions. For more information on GlobalVetLink, visit

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