National Pork Board Partners with GlobalVetLink to Provide CVI Services

by Ali Oaks | January 25, 2022


National Pork Board Partners with GlobalVetLink to Provide CVI Services

AgMove CVI customers can transition to GlobalVetLink platform for all CVI services.

Ames, Iowa (January 25th, 2022) - The National Pork Board will be sunsetting the AgMove CVI program on April 25th, 2022, and is partnering with GlobalVetLink (GVL) to ensure AgMove CVI customers have continued access to CVI services. To enable a seamless transition prior to the sunset of AgMove CVI, GlobalVetLink is extending a special limited time free subscription offer to AgMove CVI customers who transition to GVL before February 28th, 2022. 

GlobalVetLink is the leading regulatory compliance platform for veterinarians, in use in over 10,000 veterinary clinics and by more than 20,000 veterinarians. The GlobalVetLink platform shortens CVI preparation time, checks for accuracy and completeness using GVL’s SmartEngine rule compliance technology, and automatically submits domestic CVIs through the GVL submission network. GVL-watermarked CVIs are recognized for their regulatory compliance accuracy by state animal health officials and USDA’s APHIS certificate endorsement centers. 

GlobalVetLink is the leading animal health compliance platform. GVL’s SmartEngine technology verifies certificates for accuracy, eliminating risk for veterinary practices and clients. AgMove CVI users who transition to GlobalVetLink will have access to Certificates of Veterinary Inspection as well as an expanded suite of compliance services, including International Health Certificates, Equine Infectious Anemia Tests, Veterinary Feed Directives, and more.

For AgMove CVI Customers Transitioning to GlobalVetLink

All AgMove CVI customers are eligible to sign up for a GlobalVetLink account to continue their electronic CVI services. AgMove CVI customers who sign up before February 28th, 2022, will receive a free subscription by signing up online or contacting a GVL sales representative.

About GlobalVetLink

GlobalVetLink is the leading animal health compliance platform. GVL’s Compliance Assistant suite of SaaS products automates the compliance workflow for veterinarians and practice staff in companion animal, production, and equine practices. The GlobalVetLink platform creates, verifies, and electronically files documents with state, federal, and international regulatory agencies. Advanced analytics and tracking capabilities enable pharmaceutical companies, food production companies, and import/export agencies to track animal health and movement, identify and forecast disease occurrence, and manage vaccine efficacy and distribution.  The GVL platform is the first in animal or human healthcare to implement a completely portable healthcare record based on the blockchain. 

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