Feed Mills

GVL digital Veterinary Feed Directives (VFDs) simplify management for veterinarians, feed distributors and producers.

Complete VFD Management Solution

GVL’s digital VFDs provide all parties with a complete solution to manage all VFDs and related information in a single, secure online account.

GVL Veterinary Feed Directives

  • Provides direct messaging between vets and feed distributors
  • Manages all VFD documents and communications
  • Notifies all parties as VFDs near expiration



Multiple Account Options for Feed Distributors

GVL offers several account options for feed distributors based on business needs. Each account level includes a listing in GVL, providing veterinarians the ability to easily select feed distributors and the correct VFD contact(s) when completing and sending VFDs.

Within GVL, feed distributors have the option to upload digital copies of paper, emailed or faxed VFDs, communicate directly with veterinarians, request VFDs for customers, and maintain all VFD related records in a secure account for a minimum of two years.

GVL® Veterinary Feed Directives (VFDs)

  • Trusted and proven electronic VFD system
  • Simplifies VFD management for all parties
  • Streamlines communication and animal treatment
  • Meets 2 year record retention requirements

GVL SmartEngine Technology

Developed with the veterinarian in mind, GVL SmartEngine technology saves time and frustration by making health certificate and VFD creation as easy as possible, while ensuring that the completed certificates and VFDs are accurate and complete.