Online Veterinary Feed Directives (VFDs)

GlobalVetLINK’s FeedLINK® Electronic Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) System simplifies VFD compliance for veterinarians, feed distributors and producers.

GVL® Veterinary Feed Directives (VFDs)

  • Trusted and proven electronic VFD system
  • Simplifies VFD compliance for all parties
  • Streamlines communication and animal treatment
  • Meets 2 year record retention requirements
  • Maintains non-VFD feed-grade antibiotics

GVL SmartEngine™ Technology
Developed with the veterinarian in mind, GVL SmartEngine technology saves time and frustration by making health certificate and VFD creation as easy as possible, while ensuring that the completed certificates and VFDs are accurate and compliant with requirements. Learn more about SmartEngine technology.

For Veterinarians

FeedLINK Electronic VFD System provides a complete solution for management of Veterinary Feed Directives, streamlining fulfillment and tracking of VFDs, helping to ensure accuracy and compliance.

Veterinary Feed Records
Veterinary Feed Records (VFRs) in FeedLINK give users a chance to practice VFDs and get a sense of what their VFD process will look like. Also, VFRs allow users to track use of non-VFD, feed-grade antibiotics to support evidence of a valid VCPR and judicious use of those products. Learn more about VFRs.

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FeedLINK Electronic VFD System provides feed distributors and dealers with a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant platform to manage all VFDs, distributor letters of acknowledgement and related information – regardless of the source – in a single, secure online account.

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VFD Educational Webinars

GVL is committed to helping educate and prepare the industry for expanded VFDs. Educational webinars hosted throughout the past year provide vets and industry stakeholders with critical information and resources to gear up for 2017. Learn more about our past and upcoming VFD webinars.

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