A Simple Solution for Complex Diagnostic Analysis

LabLINK HIMS™ Health Information Management System is a realtime diagnostic solution that provides herd health management for disease monitoring, analysis and pathogen response.

  • Rapidly collect and aggregate multi-lab diagnostic results enabling faster reaction time.
  • Organize data for efficient project management.
  • Track pathogen prevalence over time.
  • Increase herd health management efficiency and enable more effective treatment plans.
  • Maintain test submission & results.

The need for diagnostic data analysis is evident in the animal health industry. When epidemics like PEDV strike, LabLINK HIMS can make a significant difference by providing realtime results which allow for quicker decisions and immediate action. Data sets can be customized for a specific organization’s needs. Information such as years of historical data, flows and premise identification are tailored to meet each client’s specific production needs. This customization ensures the maximum gained efficiency in animal health information monitoring.

See how the LabLINK HIMS system works by watching the videos below:

“This merger of HIMS with GlobalVetLINK is a natural linkage and provides tremendous value to veterinarians and the industry. GVL is a national leader in animal health data management including eCVIs and eVFDs, and by linking this with real time diagnostics will allow the herd veterinarian to easily connect diagnostic data into a more thorough herd health plan.”

Dr. Joseph Connor, DVM, M.S.and President of CarthageVeterinary Service, Ltd.

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