Empowering Veterinary Practices with Innovative Compliance Solutions

Streamline Operations, Ensure Compliance, and Enhance Animal Health.

Innovative Veterinary Compliance Solutions

GlobalVetLink is dedicated to providing comprehensive compliance solutions for veterinary practices. Our innovative platform offers a range of digital tools designed to simplify health certificate creation, improve efficiency, and ensure regulatory compliance. Join the thousands of veterinary professionals who trust GlobalVetLink to manage their compliance needs.

Why Choose GlobalVetLink?

  • Efficiency: Save time and reduce paperwork with our digital solution.
  • Accuracy: Minimize errors with automated data entry and built-in compliance checks.
  • Compliance: Stay up-to-date with the latest state and federal regulations.
  • Accessibility: Access your documents from anywhere with our secure, cloud-based platform.

Our Certificates

  • Domestic Health Certificates (CVIs)
  • International Health Certificates
  • Hawaii Health Certificates
  • Extended Equine CVIs
  • EIA (Coggins) Certificates
  • Veterinary Feed Directives
  • Rabies Vaccination Certificates
  • Veterinary Prescriptions
  • And More!

With government forms, we had to fill them all out by hand and it could take weeks to find out if there was a problem that we needed to fix. Now with GVL, we know right away if something’s wrong and we can fix it immediately. It’s so much better.

Dr. Anna Portnoy
Riverside Animal Hospital

As a veterinarian who uses GlobalVetLink on both the small animal and equine platforms, I love the ease and efficiency of the program. GlobalVetLink has cut down on countless hours of paperwork allowing me to be more attentive to my patients as well as enjoy my off time (instead of drawing Coggins photos after hours). I appreciate being able to access the program at any time, making Farm Calls a breeze. Importantly, the GlobalVetLink team is constantly updating the system and accepting feedback to better help veterinarians and staff.

Dr. Katie Johnson
Family Friends Vet

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About Us

GlobalVetLink was founded with the mission to provide veterinary professionals with the tools they need to streamline operations and ensure compliance. Our team of experts is dedicated to delivering exceptional service and innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of the veterinary industry.