Training Resources for Vetco Total Care Clinics

Vetco Total Care and GlobalVetLink have partnered to make it easy for you to create health certificates, IHCs and more.

GlobalVetLink provides an easy-to-use, cloud-based system for digital animal health records for all species. Thousands of veterinarians save time with GlobalVetLink, reducing errors and compliance issues, retaining client information and records in a searchable account, and providing clients with online access to their documents.

Getting Started with Your Account

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Check out these resources to get started with your GlobalVetLink account

Training Sessions
Make sure you are getting the most out of GlobalVetLink by joining an upcoming training session for a live walk-through of the platform.
User Maintenance
Questions about adding and maintaining users in your GlobalVetLink account? Check out the User Maintenance section in our Help Center.
Training Videos
Watch our training videos for step-by-step instructions on writing certificates through GlobalVetLink.
Visit the GlobalVetLink Help Center for step-by-step instructions, training resources and FAQs.

How are Certificates Created through GlobalVetLink Shared?

Domestic Certificates of Veterinary Inspection (CVIs or Health Certificates)

Once a CVI is completed by the veterinarian through the GlobalVetLink platform, it is automatically sent to the state of Origin and Destination. 

The veterinarian or practice staff member can print the CVI to be given to the owner, and the owner can also access the CVI through MyVetLink.

For Hawaiian pet travel using the GVL Pet TravelPass for Hawaii, the owner must submit the completed AQS-279 form to the Hawaii Animal Quarantine Station prior to their arrival in Hawaii.

International Health Certificates (IHCs)

Once an IHC is completed by the veterinarian through the GVL Pet TravelPass for International, it must be submitted to USDA-APHIS for Endorsement.

Some international destinations accept electronic endorsement. If this is the case, the GVL platform will let the veterinarian know that they can digitally sign the documents and submit through VEHCS for endorsement.

The veterinary practice will need to have an account with VEHCS and will upload the documentation completed through GlobalVetLink to the VEHCS system for endorsement from the USDA-APHIS.

Once the certificates are endorsed , USDA-APHIS will mail the completed forms to the owner, using the mailing label that was uploaded during the submission to VEHCS.