Who is GlobalVetLink?

GlobalVetLink is Your Animal Health Compliance Expert. We provide simple, easy-to-use solutions to streamline the complicated regulatory documentation needed for pet travel.

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What does GlobalVetLink do?

Serving over 10,000 veterinarians, GlobalVetLink provides you with an online platform for creating animal health and movement certificates. We help veterinary practices across the U.S. simplify:

  • International Health Certificates
  • Hawaii Health Certificates
  • Domestic Health Certificates
  • Rabies Vaccination Certificates
  • Veterinary Prescriptions
  • And more!

How can GlobalVetLink help you?

Do you say ‘Ugh” every time you see an international health certificate appointment on the schedule? Let GlobalVetLink turn that frown upside down and make IHCs as easy as 1..2..3! Join us and jump on the highway to easy pet travel certificates!

Meet the GVL Pet TravelPass

The GVL Pet TravelPass allows you to create 100% compliant International and Hawaii Health Certificates in under 5 minutes. Automated health certificates can help your clinic earn higher profit margins on travel certificates and provide an opportunity to drive downstream revenue with screenings, treatment, and services pets need for compliant travel.

Ready to learn more?

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