BetterVet and GlobalVetLink Partner for In-Home Pet Travel Services

by Ali Oaks | August 23, 2023


BetterVet and GlobalVetLink Partner for In-Home Pet Travel Services

BetterVet and GlobalVetLink Are Partnering to Provide In-Home Veterinary Services for Pet Owners Who Need Documentation For Traveling Internationally.

Ames, Iowa (August 23, 2023) - GlobalVetLink, the industry leader in software productivity solutions for veterinary compliance, and BetterVet are working to simplify and streamline the process for pet owners to receive the required International Health Certificates for traveling abroad with their pets. BetterVet mobile veterinarians are using the GlobalVetLink Compliance Assistant Pet TravelPass feature to automate the creation of USDA-required documentation for pet travel. Under the partnership, BetterVet and GlobalVetLink will offer online appointment scheduling for the required veterinary checkup, which will take place in the pet’s home.

“BetterVet is thrilled to partner with GlobalVetLink. They are the leader in simplifying domestic and international travel certificates, and this platform will be an excellent tool for our mobile veterinarians,” said Bruce Herzfelder, Co-Founder and CEO at BetterVet. “Our mission is to deliver the best veterinary healthcare experience for pets, pet parents, and our care providers, and adding the GlobalVetLink Compliance Assistant to the tools in our veterinarian’s toolkit is another way we’re doing that.”

Designed with the veterinarian in mind, the GlobalVetLink Compliance Assistant is an all-inclusive platform that simplifies certificate creation and record keeping. The GlobalVetLink Compliance Assistant platform powers the GVL Pet TravelPass, which BetterVet mobile veterinarians use to complete the documentation required for international pet travel, simplifying a complex and time-consuming process. The GVL Compliance Assistant increases productivity and reduces errors by monitoring applicable state, federal, and international regulatory requirements. Through the GlobalVetLink Compliance Assistant, BetterVet mobile veterinarians can more efficiently generate accurate and compliant animal health and movement documents.

“We are excited to partner with BetterVet as they continue to revolutionize veterinary care by providing telemedicine services and comprehensive at-home veterinary care,” said Gary Ambrosino, Chief Executive Officer at GlobalVetLink. “In a world of more pets and fewer veterinarians, BetterVet streamlines animal health care delivery for both veterinarians and pet owners. This partnership is a big step forward for veterinary care delivery and a delivery method that will become commonplace over the next few years as we expand our partnership with BetterVet.”

In addition to the GVL Compliance Assistant Pet TravelPass, GlobalVetLink also provides, a resource for pet owners interested in learning more about the requirements for taking their pets on an international trip. The easy-to-use requirements finder on, powered by the GlobalVetLink Compliance Assistant platform, provides pet owners with a checklist of the required items and a travel timeline to help them prepare for their trip. also includes a convenient Find-A-Vet search tool, through which pet owners can easily find a local BetterVet mobile veterinarian and schedule an appointment with them instantly.

To learn more about GlobalVetLink, visit With no subscription fee or monthly minimums, there’s a pricing plan to fit the needs of every veterinary practice. To learn more about BetterVet, visit

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Over 10,000 veterinary practices use the GlobalVetLink Compliance Assistant platform to create and electronically submit compliant, pre-audited health records for companion, production, and equine-focused practices. The latest addition to the GVL product line is The GVL Pet TravelPass, which automates the creation of International and Hawaii pet travel certificates using a sophisticated SmartEngine™ expert system. The platform replaces time-consuming manual research processes and eliminates mistakes that prevent many veterinary practices from offering pet travel documentation services. For more information on GlobalVetLink, visit

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