GlobalVetLink Announces New GVL Pet TravelPass Feature for Streamlining EU Transit Certificate Creation

by Ali Oaks | November 16, 2023


GlobalVetLink Announces New GVL Pet TravelPass Feature for Streamlining EU Transit Certificate Creation

The GVL Pet TravelPass now assists veterinarians in creating the required EU Transit Certificate for pets transiting through an EU country during their overseas travel.

Ames, Iowa (November 16, 2023) – GlobalVetLink is pleased to announce that its Compliance Assistant Platform now includes EU Transit Certificates, further simplifying the international pet travel process for veterinarians and practice staff. An EU Transit Certificate is required for any pet traveling through an EU country before arriving at their destination. This new feature of the GVL Pet TravelPass will guide veterinarians through creating an EU Transit Pet TravelPass after completing the Pet TravelPass for the final destination.

"Navigating the complexities of international pet travel can be daunting for pet owners and veterinarians," acknowledged Stacey Noe, Director of Product at GlobalVetLink. "We are thrilled to announce our latest product enhancement, the EU Transit Pet TravelPass feature, designed to simplify this intricate process for our valued veterinary customers. This addition is a direct response to the requests from our customers, and we are excited to integrate it into our platform, making international pet travel more seamless than ever."

Designed with the veterinarian in mind, the GlobalVetLink Compliance Assistant is an all-inclusive platform that simplifies certificate creation and record keeping. The platform increases productivity and reduces errors by monitoring applicable state, federal, and international regulatory requirements. Through the GVL Compliance Assistant, veterinary clinics can more efficiently generate accurate and compliant animal health and movement documents. With this new feature, the GVL Pet TravelPass will ask if the pet is transiting through an EU country. If the veterinarian answers yes, the platform will guide them through completing the required European Union documentation.

“Empowering veterinarians to enhance their team's productivity is central to our team’s goals,” remarked Steve Adamson, Chief Technology Officer at GlobalVetLink. “We recognize the pivotal role technology plays in achieving this goal. Continuously innovating, the GlobalVetLink team diligently crafts new features to integrate into the workflows of veterinary professionals seamlessly. Our latest offering, the EU Transit Pet TravelPass feature, exemplifies our commitment to simplifying processes for our valued customers.”

For more information about the GVL Compliance Assistant platform, please visit the company’s website at GlobalVetLink customers with questions about the EU Transit Pet TravelPass feature can chat with the Customer Support team when logged into their GlobalVetLink account.

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Over 10,000 veterinary practices use the GlobalVetLink Compliance Assistant platform to create and electronically submit compliant health records for companion, production, and equine-focused practices. The latest addition to the GVL product line is The GVL Pet TravelPass, which automates the creation of International and Hawaii pet travel certificates using a sophisticated SmartEngine™ expert system. The platform replaces time-consuming manual research processes and eliminates mistakes that prevent many veterinary practices from offering pet travel documentation services. For more information on GlobalVetLink, visit

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