GlobalVetLink Announces Major Product Update

by Ali Oaks | January 15, 2024


GlobalVetLink Announces Major Product Update

Revolutionary SmartCert technology adds digital authenticity, verification, and SOC-2 security to all GlobalVetLink electronic animal health compliance documents.

Ames, IA (January 15, 2024) - GlobalVetLink (GVL), the trusted name in digital compliance solutions for animal health, has announced a sweeping set of enhancements to the GVL Compliance Assistant platform aimed at digital security. GlobalVetLink’s new SmartCert technology adds verifiable digital fraud protection, automated certificate routing, and secure sharing, all built on GVL’s SOC-2 secure platform.

“GlobalVetLink is the only platform in digital animal health that meets state and federal security standards for digital compliance documentation,” said Gary Ambrosino, CEO of GlobalVetLink. “Our new GVL SmartCert enabled documents will be verifiable throughout the chain of custody, which we think is essential to the integrity of the entire animal health compliance and disease tracking regulatory environment.”

GVL SmartCert includes a series of document-embedded capabilities that are transparent to the end-user while securing the document from modification, reproduction, fraud, or tampering. The patent-pending capabilities include four key elements:

  • Fraud Resistance – Proactive tools to identify and curb fraudulent creation and use, SmartCert equips end-users and government agencies to verify certificate authenticity instantly online.
  • Advanced Watermarking – Document integrity is indexed and tracked at the digital level and through a visible validation watermark.
  • Intelligent Routing – Ensures each certificate reaches the required regulatory authority. Compliance documents are automatically routed to appropriate federal, state, and local authorities, mitigating misrouting and minimizing manual effort.
  • Secure Sharing – Protecting users' data and privacy, SmartCert-enabled GVL certificates offer verified access for animal owners, service providers like groomers or dog sitters, and direct compliant cloud access from practice management systems.

GVL SmartCert will be available first with the newly introduced GVL Rabies Vaccination Certificate, which automates and streamlines Rabies Vaccination Certificate preparation and automatically files it with the appropriate state or municipality-level animal health office. Current customers, including veterinary clinics and state and federal agencies, should contact GlobalVetLink directly to enroll in the Early Access program.

Attendees at the Veterinary Meeting & Expo (VMX) in Orlando can visit with the GlobalVetLink team at booth #540 to experience the latest advancements in the GVL Compliance Assistant platform. Visit the GlobalVetLink website to learn about the new features, sign up for platform demos, or subscribe for further product update notifications.

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GlobalVetLink is a leader in providing digital compliance solutions for animal health practitioners, facilitating seamless, efficient, and secure animal data management for regulatory compliance. Our commitment to the animal health industry is to continuously improve health compliance, protect the industry against fraud, and prioritize data security to maintain our leadership at the forefront of veterinary digital solutions. For more information on GlobalVetLink, visit

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