GlobalVetLink Announces Integration with The Jockey Club InCompass Solutions

by Ali Oaks | November 27, 2023


GlobalVetLink Announces Integration with The Jockey Club InCompass Solutions

The GVL Compliance Assistant Platform can now import horse information through an integration with InCompass.

Ames, Iowa (November 27, 2023) – GlobalVetLink and The Jockey Club InCompass Solutions have partnered to streamline the creation of equine health and movement certificates for veterinarians. This new integration will enable veterinarians using the GlobalVetLink Compliance Assistant Platform to import horse information from InCompass through the horse's microchip number, which will speed up the process of creating Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA) tests.

 “InCompass’ technology solutions help organizations achieve operational efficiencies, reduce costs, and increase revenue,” said Chris Dobbins, senior vice president of InCompass. “We are pleased to provide our expertise to GlobalVetLink to help them take some of the burden of importing horse records away from veterinarians.”

 Designed with the veterinarian in mind, the GlobalVetLink Compliance Assistant is an all-inclusive platform that simplifies certificate creation and record keeping. The platform increases productivity and reduces errors by monitoring applicable state, federal, and international regulatory requirements. Through the GVL Compliance Assistant, veterinary clinics can more efficiently generate accurate and compliant animal health and movement documents. Through the integration with InCompass, veterinarians can easily import a horse's information, including name, date of birth, breed, gender, and more, by locating the horse's record through a microchip search of The Jockey Club Registry. This feature facilitates creating EIAs for equine veterinarians to give them more time to spend on the welfare of their patients.

 “We are always looking for ways to make using our platform even easier for our veterinary customers,” shared Stacey Noe, Director of Product at GlobalVetLink. “Through conversations with multiple equine veterinarians, we were able to determine the benefit an integration with InCompass could bring to our customers. We are excited to bring this feature to our platform to simplify our veterinarian’s processes, especially those working in the racehorse industry.”

 For more information about the GVL Compliance Assistant platform and InCompass, visit the companies' respective websites at and This partnership between GlobalVetLink and InCompass will undoubtedly lead to more efficient and effective care for horses, with veterinarians freed up to focus on their primary duty: ensuring the health and well-being of their patients.

About GlobalVetLink 

Over 10,000 veterinary practices use the GlobalVetLink Compliance Assistant platform to create and electronically submit compliant health records for companion, production, and equine-focused practices. The latest addition to the GVL product line is The GVL Pet TravelPass, which automates the creation of International and Hawaii pet travel certificates using a sophisticated SmartEngine™ expert system. The platform replaces time-consuming manual research processes and eliminates mistakes that prevent many veterinary practices from offering pet travel documentation services. For more information on GlobalVetLink, visit

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About InCompass

InCompass is a technology company formed by The Jockey Club in 2001 to centralize the software applications and systems that serve North American racetracks and simulcast outlets, helping these facilities achieve operational efficiencies, reduce costs, and increase revenue. Every major racing association in North America, Puerto Rico, Panama, and Mexico uses systems designed and built by InCompass to manage its race meets.